My name is Natacha Gelin- Lisaint, I am a married mom of 5 beautiful humans. I welcome you to the Natou web site. I always dreamed of starting my small business in a field that I know and that's Early Childhood Education and natural hair. I hope to open  my Group Child care in the near future. For Now,   I am making the  natural Hair care part of my passion a reality. Makeup is something that  almost all women loves, and we all want to stay on top of our health. The makeup part of the business is an inspiration of my oldest daughter who is a student an entrepreneur, actress and musician.  I have been on my natural hair Journey for over 7 year and my children has been natural since birth. My go to product as always been our own Haitian Castor oil which is a staple in the Haitian household. Castor oil is a Haitian cure all good for hair and skin and is also great for medicinal purposes. My goal is to bring you raw organic and mostly natural products that my family and I have benefited from. I can't wait to start sharing all  these wonderful products with you. I hope to also bring you Haitian Vetiver if possible. Vetiver is a marvelous essential oil that's not only great smelling but has medicinal benefits as well. The worlds best vetiver comes from our own land Haiti. As we go on this journey together I promise you the best beauty and hair care products that the industry has to offer. I will work closely with my manufacturer to get and have input on the goods I accept and brings to you and your family.  Everything I offer is  almost always will be made in the USA as a way to be able to have input, omit or include ingredients in my hair care products. For the SEL Cosmetics brand we work closely with our supplier to bring you made in the USA make that are Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty Free. Not to mention ,we have the words best USDA Certify Organic Soaps. Thank You for reading. Happy Shopping!